The world goes fast, very fast, and I decided to sit down.

Graphic design, animation, modeling, video game design, …
I am a creative but I had to make a choice!


I am a French illustrator, and my specialty is ink drawings and digital coloring.

Puls'Art Graffic is Art, but green Art.

At the dawn of a world governed by technology, I have clung to Art, traditional and digital, for 20 years.

I am strongly inspired by everything around me, having a particular attraction for the cartoon world and psychedelic art.

Passionate about music, nature, gaming, my collection of Stephen King books, Blockchain, Metaverse and my little dog, – who is also a great source of inspiration!

Drawing and creation are an integral part of my life,

how about taking a ride in my little world?

Come and discover my fantastic animals and my wacky characters.